Who creates your haircare products?

Why ask this question- Well, arguably it’s pretty important ….and if you are anything like me, then you would have probably observed the historically common relationship between our hair and the high street. You would have noticed, the positioning of (or lack of) products targeted to people with diverse hair textures and patterns other than straight (which is the majority). You would have noticed that (in the UK) this category has often been labelled as ‘Ethnic haircare products’.

  • Actual understanding of why we use, what we use on our hair and on skin and what we are trying to achieve whilst doing so (and by this I mean our true desires, that may even be unconscious): How well they understand our needs.
  • How familiar are they with our hair and its behaviour.
  • Whether they have true insight to our hair concerns, our hair practices and philosophies?

If you don’t think that this is an important question then please share your opinion below in the comments. To me, the answers associated to the ‘who creates your hair products’ question can speak volumes about the brand/company’s intentions, values and motives. which will reflect the quality of the products and the ethics surrounding all decisions making. Do they actually have your best interest at heart or are they in or for the ‘likes’ (not for the love) *quoting Chronixx* and for the cash.

Being seen, understood and acknowledged is something that has not been easy for any black woman in the Beauty industry in the Western world but I have full confidence that this shall become a thing of the past



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