Starting a business from zero

I had zero industry experience in product manufacturing, beauty retail or ecommerce. Three key components essential in my business today. So instead, I focused on what I did have – a natural talent in caring for curls and people. I had a desire to change the experience of curlies (anyone with some kind of curl or kink in the hair) world over, because is was simple for me and I wanted to share my gift with others.

The thought of starting a business can quickly and easily get overwhelming after the initial excitement phase. So whenever you decide to start a business you need to commit to your why and create realistic goals from the outset.

My reason for creating this blog as well as starting my business is because I have a lot to give and needed to create an outlet and a platform to share it so, there you have it.

So really, the truth is that you never really start from zero. You will have resources, knowledge, expertise and experience that makes you uniquely you, so use that, just as I did. Just like me, you may not have the desired funds you want or the contacts that can catapult you straight to your destination. And whilst I desperately wished for these things, it isn’t always a requirement and you can start where you are, with what you have.



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